Founded in April 2012, Unite Women New York Inc. is a not -for-profit women’s organization that began it’s mission with a late night phone call the founder Desiree Jordan made  in the early morning hours of February 19th 2012.   It was this call that sparked a grassroots movement utilizing social media to galvanize thousands of women to march on 50 State Capitols on 4/28/12 for gender equality and autonomy for all American women.

The mission took shape here in NYC around a dining room table in an the Upper Westside apartment in New York City.  Five women who had never met each other “united” to forge a grassroots movement that would galvanize hundreds of women, children and men on 4/28/12 to March from The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, located on the New York University campus down Broadway to Rally at The African Burial Ground at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan- for Gender Equality.

These women came together because as women “do”we respond,  and we connect – we listen – we learn and above all “we act” .  Five women, who had been prior strangers,  decided to look past race, ethnicity, age, political/religious affiliation  and sexual orientation or preference to stand together and provide a platform where many more voices for equal rights and justice can be heard and valued.

It is in this same spirit ~ that UWNY continues to pursues its Mission, Goals and Objectives to advance and protect all women’s rights to autonomy .

Mission Statement

UWNY’s Mission Statement